Immunotherapy against equine skin tumors

Slide delNS-based immunotherapy of equine sarcoids achieves visible success in cancer therapy

New possibilities for human cancer treatment open up

Scientists from the Viennese biotechnology company BlueSky Immunotherapies GmbH (Ltd.) have used their viral vector platform delNS to treat sarcoids  in horses. In cooperation with the oncology team of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna led by Dr. Sabine Brandt and Dr Edmund Hainisch an expert for equine sarcoids they have achieved sensational, success that leads the way towards new options in the development of innovative and easy-on-the-body cancer therapies in humans.

Innovative immunotherapy as an alternative to chemotherapy

Equine sarcoids are locally aggressive skin tumors. They are induced by tumor antigens E6 and E7 of the bovine papillomavirus and seriously compromise the health and welfare of the affected animals. Conventional treatment options such as surgical excision or chemotherapy have only limited effect and typically result in the recurrence of more aggressive tumors.

Antiviral and antitumor reactions against papillomaviruses and cancer

As published in the last issue of PLoS ONE, sarcoids treated with delNS/E6E7 were completely and permanently eliminated. Moreover, the strong, systemic delNS-mediated immune stimulation also eliminated non-injected sarcoids. The study also demonstrated that the papillomavirus that caused the sarcoids was eliminated.

With its proprietary delNS technology, the biotech company BlueSky Immunotherapies GmbH (Ltd.) has created a viral vector platform for the induction of interferon and expression of tumor antigens. delNS vectors have many properties for overcoming the immunosuppressive environment of tumors.

delNS vectors: their advantages in cancer treatment

  • induce a strong interferon response (interferons are proteins that have an immunostimulatory, especially antiviral and antitumoral effect)
  • activate T cells, dendritic cells and natural killer cells (essential cells for the immune system)
  • inhibit immunosuppressive cells

Clinical study: phenomenal results in the fight against infectious diseases and cancer

We designed, manufactured and used two types of delNS vectors for local treatment (direct injection into the tumors) of horses. The clinical trial comprised a period of three years, 29 horses and different treatment regimens. Visible and very significant regression of sarcoids was achieved in 20 of the treated horses, and 100% regression of sarcoids in 10 equine patients.

“The complete elimination of very aggressive and difficult-to-cure equine sarcoids is yet another important proof of the potential offered by our delNS platform. We are therefore confident that we will also be able to successfully heal and/or eliminate the cervical tumours of the women enrolled in the clinical trials currently under way,”

explains Thomas Muster, CEO of BlueSky Immunotherapies.

Summary of the results obtained in 2021

  • Complete regression: 10 horses
  • Ongoing regression: 10 horses
  • Transient regression: 3 horses
  • No regression: 6 horses

Our biotechnology company

The focus of BlueSky Immunotherapies GmbH (Ltd.) is on utilising its proprietary platform technologies which activate antiviral and antitumoural reactions. These properties are used for developing next-generation immunotherapies against infectious diseases and cancer.

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