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Data protection

You can also use our website without leaving personal data. If data is collected (e.g. name or email address), this is done on a voluntary basis and we will not disclose this data to third parties without your express consent.
Nevertheless, we cannot exclude the possibility that there may be security gaps in the transmission of data over the Internet (e.g. when communicating via e-mail), which could allow third parties to obtain your data.
We expressly point out that we make an explicit objection when it comes to sending advertising and information material. Should unsolicited advertising information (e.g. spam mails) be sent, the operator of the website reserves the right to take legal action against them.


Privacy policy Google Analytics

In order to create anonymized web analytics reporting, we use Google Analytics. The American company has its headquarters at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Google’s tool uses cookies to analyze website behavior.

Google Analytics Cookies & How they work
A cookie is a text snippet. It is sent from the website you visit to the browser you use. For example, your language is stored so that you receive relevant advertising. In addition to your location, it also records the pages you visit, your source (medium) where you came from, your contact requests and newsletter signups, the behavior itself on the pages you visit (such as clicks), your IP address (but anonymized) and technical info (such as the device you use to browse). In the advertising reports, we also see demographic data such as your age or gender, as well as your interests and browsing behavior. However, all this data cannot be related to your specific person.

You can read more important information about the functions of Google Analytics in the area of advertising here:

Furthermore, we recommend that you read the following info pages on Google Analytics:

Google Analytics, a technical example::

  • An example of: technical name _GA
  • An example of: the total duration 2 year
  • An example of: the different areas of use visitor behavior ,web pages and webshop tracking.
  • An example of: Google Analytics value example GA2.0.19472855710.2091772683121

Google Tag Manager, another technical example

  • An example of: technical name _GID
  • An example for: Term 3 year
  • An example of: Application area Used for Google Tag and Analytics integration.
  • An example of: Example Value GA3.085630291835.8264727192232
  • An example of: Name gat_gtag_EU
  • An example for: Runtime 30 minutes
  • An example for: an example value: 2

Google Analytics data storage & pseudonymous user profiles
You should know that Google Analytics stores this data for two years. User-related data is already deleted by Google Analytics after 14 months. BlueSky Immunotherapies takes care to protect your privacy, but Google Analytics’ data centers are located in America, so we cannot guarantee the same security of your data as if they were located in Europe. However, we can assure you that Google Analytics only works with random user IDs. It will assign you such an ID when you visit the website and should you come back, the website will be able to recognize you. However, these are only pseudonymized user profiles.

Deactivate Google Analytics Cookies
If you do not agree to Google Analytics cookie tracking, then you can disable Google Analytics via a browser extension. More information is available here:
The add-on blocks the Google Analytics Javascript files.

Alternatively, you can uncheck the checkbox in your Google account under “Advertising settings”. More info here:
We have accepted the add-on for data processing with Google Analytics in the general customer agreement:

Privacy policy Google Ads

In addition to Google Analytics, we also use Google Ads conversion tracking (paid advertising) on our Company Website The service is offered by the American company Google Inc. with headquarters at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. This allows us to perform remarketing on our website and customize our advertising to your individual needs.

Google Ads Cookies & Functionality
If you perform actions on the website (e.g. visual contact, click or registration in form), the Google Tag sends a cookie to your browser. Google Ads uses web beacons, also known as tracking pixels, for this purpose. A small graphic is embedded in the HTML code of the web page (usually only 1×1 pixel in size). This is not recognizable to the user. These tracking pixels record log files and analyze your behavior and demographics.
As with Google Analytics, you are randomly assigned a user ID by which the website can recognize you, but not assign you personally. So you remain anonymous. This assignment even works across multiple domains. Google’s servers are located in the USA, which is why the same data protection standard as in the EU cannot be guaranteed.

Deactivate Google Ads cookies
You can view and delete cookies in the settings of the browser you use. If you want to avoid the storage itself, that is, that the cookie is not stored locally on your terminal device, then you need to set it in the browser settings so that you receive a notification each time Google Ads wants to set cookies and that you then agree individually each time. If they block all cookies, the website including its subpages may stop working properly.

As already recommended with Google Analytics, you can turn off the setting of cookies by Google Ads in your Google account:
More information about the guidelines can be found here:


Privacy policy LinkedIn Ads

We use the conversion tracking of LinkedIn via LinkedIn Insight-Tag to use retargeting. This allows us to play out ads tailored to individual needs to users who have already visited the website. Data is transferred to the LinkedIn server if you visit the BlueSky Immunotherapies website and are logged into LinkedIn at the same time. In this way, we can also draw anonymous reports on the performance of the LinkedIn Ads. Furthermore, we see insights on the engagement on the website. If you have further questions about the collection of personal data and user behavior, you can read LinkedIn’s privacy policy: There you will also find information on how to protect your privacy and what your rights are. You can also opt out of data collection directly on LinkedIn website after logging in. Follow this link:


Contact form 7

Contact Form 7 is a contact form. This contact form is intended to offer our customers a simple and secure way to contact us. When using the contact form (Contact Form 7), the data you enter is encrypted (SSL) and sent to our web server. The data is stored securely on our web server. We do not share or sell the data we receive from you to third parties. However, in the event of criminal acts, we cannot exclude the possibility that, despite security measures, your data will not fall into the hands of actors who perform unauthorized acts (data theft through hacking).

HTTPS encryption

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) encryption is a transport and communication encryption. This encryption ensures that data packets can be transferred securely between client and server. The encryption is done with the help of an SSL certificate, which confirms the unique ownership of the domain and is responsible for its encryption. The encryption used in SSL is considered mathematically secure and is regularly tested by cryptologists for its reliability.

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