Successful Phase 1 Trial Demonstrates Excellent Safety and Substantial Efficacy of Viral Vector delNS/E6E7 in Patients Infected with HPV16 and Cervical Lesions

Vienna, Austria October 17, 2023 – BlueSky Immunotherapies, a leading biopharmaceutical company specializing in innovative treatments for HPV-related infections and cancers, is thrilled to announce the outstanding results of its Phase 1 clinical trial targeting patients infected with HPV16 and suffering from cervical lesions using the groundbreaking viral vector delNS/E6E7. The Phase 1 clinical trial, conducted with a focus on safety and efficacy, has yielded highly promising outcomes. The trial involved a cohort of patients diagnosed with HPV16 infection and cervical lesions and utilized it´s groundbreaking interferon inducing viral vector delNS/E6E7 as a novel therapeutic approach.

Key-Highlights of the Phase 1 Trial

Unprecedented Safety

The trial demonstrated excellent safety profiles, with no severe adverse effects reported among the participating patients. The use of viral vector delNS/E6E7 exhibited a well-tolerated and manageable side-effect profile.

Substantial Efficacy

The preliminary data revealed substantial efficacy in treating infections and cervical lesions caused by HPV16 through the use of the viral vector delNS/E6E7. Patients who received this investigational treatment exhibited significant improvements, suggesting a potential breakthrough in the management of this condition.

Promising Milestone

The Phase 1 trial represents a significant milestone in the development of a novel therapeutic approach for HPV16-infected individuals with cervical lesions, utilizing the viral vector delNS/E6E7. These promising results pave the way for further clinical studies and potential regulatory approvals.


BlueSky´s commitment to advancing healthcare solutions for HPV-related conditions remains unwavering. The successful Phase 1 trial results underscore our dedication to improving the lives of patients affected by HPV16 infections and cancers with the viral vector delNS/E6E7.

“Our team is elated by the excellent safety profile and substantial efficacy demonstrated in this Phase 1 trial using the viral vector delNS/E6E7,” said Thomas Muster, CEO at BlueSky Immunotherapies. “We are excited to move forward with subsequent phases of clinical development, with the ultimate goal of providing a transformative treatment option for patients affected by HPV16-related cervical lesions.” 

The company is now preparing for Phase 2 trials, which will further evaluate the effectiveness of the viral vector delNS/E6E7 treatment and expand the patient population under investigation.


Media Inquiries

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